May 17, 2021  

IDL can refurbish many sub-assemblies for a small part of the cost to replace them. To maintain quality and reduce costs, repairs are done in our various facilities. As our customer base has expanded to other locations beyond North America, we have set up repair facilities in Asia and Europe and are able to reduce shipping costs and turn-around time. To maintain high quality assurance all our repair facilities have working lithography systems for final testing prior to shipment.

We provide repairable assemblies/parts for the following systems-

  • Micralign: PE200 through PE700
  • Micrascan: II II+ III III+ IV VII
  • Ultratech: 900 1100 1500
  • Cymer Laser systems
  • Canon MPA FPA EX
  • ASML PAS 2500 5000 5500