May 17, 2021  

Over the years IDL has developed upgrades for lithography systems to increase through-put, and yield resulting in many satisfied customers.

  • Mask and wafer transport upgrade from bushings to bearings
  • Flipper assembly upgrade from bushings to bearings
  • High vacuum relief finger seal
  • High vacuum relief chuck assembly
  • Pre-aligner modification
  • Linear drive flexure mod
  • PE200/300 Front panel upgrade
  • Video viewing system

  • A300/A800/A900/ View stop manifold upgrade
  • A300 PE500 -002 Manifold
  • PE500 -002 Sensor PCB
  • Digital precision helium regulator assembly
  • Secondary protector regulator kit
  • Binocular head upgrade
  • Two step chuck (3,4,5,6)
  • Carousel, load arm, input/output thick wafer upgrade
  • Mask & wafer "X" flexure
  • Gauge head, anchor flexure and center flexure to bearing upgrades
  • Aims display and windows based software upgrade
  • Keyboard modification for through-track systems ergonomics
  • PE200/300/500/600/700 adjustable viewing binocular head
  • Video viewing system
  • PE500/600/700 Keyboard upgrade